“We are the Army’s home.

– U.S. Army MWR Marketing

U.S. Army MWR is a marketing group for internal U.S. Army garrison programs and events. Since the audience is active duty Army soldiers and their families, the vision was to create a brand story that spoke to what Army life was like on the inside, unlike the action-packed, adrenaline infused feel of external U.S. Army branding.






Strong B.A.N.D.S.

In celebration of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, Army garrisons world-wide band together for the 6th annual Army Strong B.A.N.D.S. campaign lasting from May 1st thru 31st. Strong B.A.N.D.S. (Balance, Activity, Nutrition, Determination, Strength) was created to energize and inspire Army communities worldwide about healthy lifestyles of the Trained, Willing and Able. This promotion provides U.S. Army garrisons with a way to showcase their sports and fitness programs during National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.




Featured in the campaign are our 2016 U.S. Team Olympians: SGT Nathan Schrimsher, and SFC Keith Sanderson as well as former Olympian CPT Leigh Jaynes-Provisor. All Army Sports wanted the cutout and marketing materials to appeal to an external civilian audience by working toward a more contemporary athletic feel whilst still maintains the resiliency our U.S. Army proudly stands for.


Operation Rising Star

The U.S. Army version of American Idol

Operation Rising Star is a military broadcast vocal competition where 12 finalists from 22 U.S. military garrisons all over the world compete. Army Entertainment asked for a re-branding of the competition logo with a “new, yet military” looking theme.




Since this year’s Operation Rising Star included the 12 finalists being divided into teams, I was also commissioned to create 3 Team shirts designs for Team Neal, Team McGraw, and Team Joseph. Each team required a specific style aligned to personality and style of the team leader (past Operation Rising Star winners)

All Army Sports 

All Army Sports requested a poster and/or calendar to recruit future athletes and coaches to their program. In order to appeal to college age men and women, the focus was to create a design that was contemporary, clean, yet still enticing and exciting to a younger audience.

Instead of using typical flashy effects one is used to seeing for athletic posters, I relied on invigorating colors, diverse typography and strong photography showcasing athletes pushing the bounds of not only their physical limits, but also the images they were framed in.





Happy Birthday U.S. Army! (Children’s Book)  

June 14, 1775

Every year, the U.S. Army celebrates the date that it was founded over 200 years ago. To explain the benefit and celebration of the birthday for young kids, U.S. Army Marketing MWR decided to create an exclusive children’s book for Army CDCs all over the world to share and enjoy.


Test results overall were positive. Biometrics that were initially unfamiliar to members were seen as less secure. However, if an apt description is given for the use of the biometric authenticator, the member was more likely to adopt it. With this information, we proceeded with our initial prototype and are currently upgrading it into the hi-fi phase.

Java Fit 

Coming to a garrison gym near you!


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