I am always curious about the world around me and reading is one of the best ways to do that. I’m always on a book per week challenge and will talk your ear off about what I’m currently reading.


I am a gamer. I love video games (Ludiphile is my own created word). It’s a passion I’ve had since I was 5 years old. Interactive mediums such as video games will be the way of the future sooner than we know.

Cara is an experienced User Experience Designer with specialties in Design Research, Facilitation, Illustration and Visual Design. She’s gained most of her experience working on highly visible experiences for Fortune 100 to Fortune 5 companies. Some of these experiences include the USAA Account Log On page, the USAA 100th Anniversary page, Amazon Compensation and the Amazon Games Design System (just to name a few). In these projects, Cara worked as the lead UX Designer where she guided and facilitated cross-collaborative partners (to include executive partners) through design thinking activities to come to solid strategic decisions whilst also designing meaningful experiences for customers.

Cara has received several accolades to include the Impact to Project award from the USAA Chief Design Office for her work on Enterprise Member Security in mobile and physical security efforts. She also won the grand prize for the 2020 USAA PEAK Hackathon as a solo team for improving authentication for senior members. At Amazon, she was given accolades for her cross-collaborative facilitation workshop on reimagining Amazon manager experiences that would impact it’s 1.6 million employee workforce.

Her most recent project as Lead UX Designer is the Amazon Games iD experience for gamers to save progress, purchases throughout all of their Amazon Games’ owned experiences.

In her spare time, Cara is an avid reader, a proud gamer and an enthusiastic Rio-style Samba Carnaval dancer.

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